Follow the trail

Clues on your smartphone will lead you to various locations and present you with questions which you'll need to answer to move on to the next clue.

See sights

You'll only find the answers by hunting around the real world locations you visit.

Solve puzzles

Picture clues, word and number puzzles, riddles and good old-fashioned searching are just come of the challenges you can expect during your trail.

Treasure Tours

Treasure hunt meets walking tour.

The perfect way to explore a new place.

Mystery Hunts

Puzzle-solving adventures.

Discover the city while unravelling cryptic clues.



Had the most fantastic time on the Cheltenham Treasure Tour. Everyone got involved answering the questions and working out the clues. We particularly enjoyed the mini rewards of additonal information and insight for answering the clues. It was like QI light on tour. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.



We spent last Sunday afternoon playing Kryptos' excellent Oxford Mystery Hunt. The puzzles themselves were tricky enough to keep us on our toes, but not impossible to solve and there is a nice variety of number puzzles, anagrams and code breaking as well as plenty of "hunt the clue" puzzles.



Overall really enjoyable (especially in the glorious weather we had). I noticed things I'd walked past about 100 times and hadn't even spotted. The two people I was with have lived around the area longer and were also discovering things. The hint system was really helpful and the app worked flawlessly.