When can we play?

All hunts are self-guided and can be played on any day you choose. Some hunts visit places which are only open during certain hours and hence must be played during those hours, but most can be played at any time. Check the individual hunt pages for the exact times each hunt is available.

Is it suitable for children?

The clues in Puzzle & Mystery Hunts are aimed at adults and so might not be suited to younger children.  Treasure Tours are great for all ages, so long as there is a responsible grownup present.  Also bear in mind the distance that the routes cover, which is stated on the hunt information page; younger legs may not wish to walk so far.

How many people can play at once?

The maximum team size shown on ClueKeeper (usually 5 or 6) is the number of phones which can be synced to the same hunt but you can have more people on a team if you don’t mind sharing phones. We find that the hunt experience is best with around 2-5 players so if you have more than this it’s often best to break up into multiple teams.

Do I need mobile data?

Yes, you need a data connection during the hunt to submit answers and keep in sync across multiple team phones. The initial hunt download is typically less than 30 MB and can be done over Wi-Fi before you start. After that you should use very little data.

Is there any treasure?

Unfortunately not, but if you find any we want a cut! In our hunts you are just playing for fun or a spot on the leaderboard.